IV Of Spades – I Would Rather Live Alone Im Not Who Im Today chords


[Verse 1]
DI would rather live alone without you
DYou saved all my raging thoughts
ABut you torn my heart
BmI didn’t ask for this
GYou’re my favorite pain
DThat could make me feel again
[Verse 2]
DI can feel over my skin the whisper
DOf your loving scars within
ABut you ripped my heart
BmI always wanted this
GBut you always had my heart
Gm DAnd I just don’t want to be part of your life
F7I’ll never be the same
BmI’m not who I’m today
ESo please just break my heart (Don’t break my heart)
DI have no chance to
F7Be someone you’ll hold on to
DMy veins are failing
F7My mind is degrading
Bm A G‘Cause my soul is fading to the sea
G‘Cause maybe
A DI’m not who I’m today
[Interlude] D [Outro]
DI would rather live alone
DI would rather live alone
DI can’t do this all alone
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