Ivan B – Don't Look Down chords


F# F# A# G# x2

[Verse 1]
F#I'm scared I'm wasting my time
F#Scared I'm losing control of my life
A#mI'm scared of commitment รขย€ย” of calling anything mine
G#I would be lying if I told you, "I'm fine"
F#Serving these tables to put some food in my stomach
I'm tired of seeing my mom and say "Don't worry, it's coming"
A#mMy heart is racing, I'm running to anything more than nothing
G#Drowning in debt and I'm trying to pull us above it
F#Tell me everything will be okay
Tell me why does everybody got to fade away
A#mAm I crossing your mind? 'Cause you been all up in mine
G#But if I saw you, I don't know what I would say
F#Instead of being together, I need to get it together
Instead of writing these letters, I want to live to remember
A#mAm I better from the past? Yeah, I wonder what I'll know
G#Haunted by a dream is when you really let it go
F#I guess things happen for a reason
But I'ma never leave anything at chance
A#At first glance I'm looking for God's hands
G#The Devil's looking at me like, "Homie, come dance"
F#My grandma's getting sicker, I'm never there when I can be
See, my brother feeling lost, I guess it runs in the family
A#mPeople telling me this music should be a plan B
G#How could you judge me if you don't understand me?
F#No breaks, one-twenty goin' in
Destiny's calling, I'm like, "Baby, come on in"
A#mRight now it feels like do-or-die, every day it's, "Who am I?"
G#You call it nine-to-five, man, I call it suicide
F#I see what they can't see; this is all that I can be
Rather be homeless and broke than be labeled as "happy"
A#mThey don't understand me 'cause no one can stand me
G#It's always the outsiders who end up outstanding
[Verse 2]
F#I lost a hundred dollars on a bet
It's not a lot of money, but it said a lot about me
A#mIn the moment, guess I didn't understand it
G#When nothing is certain, don't ever take it for granted
F#Pride is a poison that infested our planet
Greed is okay, well, that's the way that they brand it
A#mOur view of everything is such a mess
G#Having less than we deserve is our perception of happiness
F#What am I supposed to do?
They say, "Follow the steps, stick to the guidelines"
A#mIf I listen to that, I'm just a kid on the sideline
G#What's in your eyes? I don't care 'bout your eyeline
F#Never cared about all of that
Money got people snappin' for their quarter back
A#mIf I get it, I'ma give it back
G#I feel like happiness is something everybody should have
[Verse 3]
F#But we are who we are
I've been lost in the dark, while I've been shooting for stars
A#mLooking for love, like is it really that hard?
G#Or just have someone who's there when it's all falling apart
F#But every scar only makes your heart stronger
Hold on, just fight a little longer
A#mI ponder these lines while mopping floors every night
G#That's when you feel the fatigue and all your hunger
F#It's been killing me, keep going what they're telling me
More regrets than memories, sometimes you gotta let it be
A#mThe past ain't ahead of me, I got to give my best
G#How do I make change if I don't give you my two cents?
F#I look around, I see the dying of youth
While you're picking up a bottle, let me pour you the truth
A#mI used to be like all of you, like you got nothing to lose
G#Nobody want a commitment when everybody's been used
F#Step in my conscience, my heart is the pilot
The past is behind you, but lately I've been behind it
A#mI'm finding I've been placed in happiness in people who leave
G#And they love it when you're broken, hate you when you achieve
F#It's like I can never be me, the world is just a routine
Telling you how to live and the certain value it brings
A#mLike rings, summer flings, things ain't what they seem
G#So, don't you ever buy the happiness they sell on the screen
F#'Cause happiness ain't a store bought can
And love isn't found in just a one-night dance
A#mI'm looking at the sky like, "Give me one more chance"
G#I'm tired of sitting in my room like I know I can
F#Nothing's done until you do it, just look at what I'm pursuing
To die like what you're doing, my girl is 'cause of my music
A#mIt was lose her or lose it, my heart's in the music
G# F#If I didn't, I'd be dead, so I went and I choose it
Trying to figure it out, and this ain't even about us
A#mI'm trying to be something more, so that my kids can be proud of
G#I'm trying to show everybody there's not much worth in these dollars
F#Out here making a difference, don't you give up
Every line that I'm writing is just for you to get up
A#mLove is barely an offer yet we don't give it enough
G# F#Man, what's the point of the top if nobody wants to look up?
A#m G# C#So, look up, look up
F#Don't look down
A#m G#Look up, look up
F#Don't look down
Don't look down
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