J Geils Band – Angel In Blue chords

Intro:  E  B  C#m  A  E

E BWe met in a bar / Out on Chesapeake Bay
C#m AWith her white patent boots / and her blouse, red Leme
E BA tabletop dancer / She would smile on cue
C#m A EAh, those lips of an Angel / Angel in Blue
(Same progression as 1st verse) She'd been dancing for ages / In cities of bars She was kicking the habit / of scoring in cars She'd been drained of her spirit / all caged up in a zoo Ah, a wildcat Angel / Angel in Blue
C#m B And as she stared out into nowhere
C#m BI thought, yes I thought she might break down and cry
G#m AOh, when I whispered I thought I could love her
E/G# BShe just said "Baby, don't even bother to try."
(Back to verse progression) And I watched as she spoke / Her words chilled my bones All her friends did her favors / that were really just loans And she never had dreams / so they never came true Ah, the palest of Angels / Angel in Blue (Interlude: Guitar only) And the bees they had stung her / the birds they had flown There were guys she could number / but none had she known And she never had dreams / so they never came true Ah, my fade away Angel / Angel in Blue (Outtro) C#m E (repeat till tired)
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