Ja Rule – Always On Time tab

Always On Time - Ja Rule
Tabbed By: Jonathan Mendoza
Tabbed On: 28/2/04

This riff is really easy. It was the first thing I played on the guitar and you
can play around with it. This is the real guitar riff, i mathced it to the song. 

 Guitar Riff        (Through out the whole song)

E|---6----x---6h8----6----| (You can just take out the bass strings for anB|--------x---------------| easier version of this songG|--------x---------------|D|--------x---------------|A|---6----x---6------6----|E|--------x---------------|
This is my first tab! =) If you have any questions or wanna bag it out, send it to: ripl_7@msn.com Good Luck!
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