The Riddle chords with lyrics by Jacco Gardner - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Jacco Gardner – The Riddle chords

Jacco Gardner - The Riddle
note: all verses follow the same chords



Dm Bb G BbEveryday he can hold it by
Dm Bb G Cworking someplace hoping for a life
Am Dm Am DmDon't you see, he lived in misery
Cm Gm FmHe was never free
Cm Gm A7 Dm Dm VERSE 2 She's away, her head was in the sky Making plans, hoped she'd realize There's no chance, with dreams in her hands She will never understand Cm Gm A7 Dm CHORUS
Dm Dm/C# F GTell me can you guess my name
Am Am/G# C DSmile when sad, the pride and shame
Dm Dm/C# F G The rich man born, an endless storm
Am Am/G# C D I'm forever less and more
Dm VERSE 3 Cold and clearly, we could see the end Moving forward, master of the land All alone, on this world I'm from [inaudible] Cm Gm A7 Dm Dm VERSE 4 Running away, in every way she can Like the wind, changing shifting sand Try to get, some dreams in her head There is nothing there instead Cm Gm A7 Dm - play chorus - - play the chords of the chorus while singing this:- I am full, but empty too I'm the other side of you There's no [inaudible] In this riddle lies the key - play chorus -
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