Jack Wagner – Too Young chords

Gm7  C7sus/G  C7  Fm7  B7sus/F  B7 

Gm7 C7sus/G C7 Hello love it's been way too long
Fm7 B7sus/F Since I realized that you're the most
Bb7 Gm7important thing in my life
C7sus/G I've gotta the need to tell you I know that I
C7was wrong
Fm7 B7sus/F Show you how I feel and what's goin'
Cm Cm7 F/A D7sus/A D7 I don't know what to say
Gm7 Except I love that girl so much
C7sus/G C7 But I didn't show it
Fm7 Started spreading myself too thin
Bb7sus Bb7 Fool around thought she didn't know it
Gm7 C7sus/G Such childish games I played I fooled her
C7with my touch
Fm7 Dm7b5 G7sus G/B Time has taught me so much
Cm Cm/Bb Ab I'm grown enough to say
Bb/Ab Eb/G Bb/F Eb EbM7I was too young but that's no
Ab6 G7susexcuse
G7 Cm Cm7I had too much too soon I wanted more room
F/A Bb7sus To please my restless youth
Bb7 G/BNow all this peace
C6 F/A Fm/G# I can't feel your bliss
Eb/Bb Ab/BbYou treated me so kind, you were all
Eb/Bb mine
Bb7sus Bb7 Gm7But I just walk away
Gm7 That sweet smile and face
C7sus/G C7Hangs heavy on my mind
Fm7 Bb7sus Is there a way that you can turn back the
Fm7 The more love that precious time
C7sus/G C7 I let slip by
Fm7 I can't take much more of this
Dm7b5 G7sus G/B So I gotta try
Cm Cm/Bb Ab To get you back and say
Repeat Chorus except last chord
C# C#M7 F#M7 True love comes once in a lifetime
Ddim F7 And if it's true then you'll be
Bbm Bbm/Ab F# C#/F Ab back in mine wohhh
Repeat chorus twice except last word to fade
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