Jack White – Fly Farm Blues chords

Verse 1:

E G E G ESpider got eight legs and I got two
E G E A G AThis guitar got 6 strings what about you well what do you got
E What did you get for free?
B You gotta get all your things together, girl
A EAnd make sure to give'em all to me
Verse 2:
E G E G EStone or rock ain't movin' neither is a tree
E G E A G AAnd that may be good for you girl but it ain't good for me I'm rolling
EYeah I'm takin' what I need for free
BYou still got to get it all together
A EPut it in the trunk of my car and I'm gonna take it all with me
(Solo over verse progression) Verse 3:
E G E What do you got that I ain't got what I wanna know
E G E Can I get a piece of it a piece before you go?
A G AYeah give it all girl
EYeah shove it right down my throat
B A E Oh yes I got one last thing to say to you have you seen my coat
E Ab A Bb B E (end)
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