Jackie Deshannon – Love Will Find A Way tab

Love Will Find a Way

C              F     G
There can be a new tomorrow
C              F        G
There can be a brighter day
C              F     G
There can be a new tomorrow
F                                      C
Love will find a way, love will find a way

G                   D         C                   G
The days go passing by and we try to live life so carefree
                  D            C              G 
Wondering what is real, do you feel there's a change that should be
C  Bb  F   C    Bb   F               G    
In the end what will win, let’s hold on and keep us strong


We're living in a time where you find we must share the burden
It's a heavy load on a road that is so uncertain
It may seem we're chasing dreams but let's hold on and keep love strong ...Chorus

by: José Duarte
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