Jackie Deshannon – Needles And Pins chords


This is the best version by the writer of the song in the key that she sings it in –
really soulful, with a clever key change.
If you find the intro challenging it is easier in the key of D, but it leaves you with a
key change to F#!
You can play the intro through most of the first and second verse, but definitely half
the intro where the -------------- appears. Listen to Jackie’s version and you will soon
pick it up.
The song actually fades, but I have added a final line

Mike Perry

Intro: CCsus2CCsus2Csus4CCsus2CCsus2C x2

First Verse
CI saw him today, I saw his face
AmIt was the face I loved, and I knew
CI had to run away
AmAnd get down on my knees and pra-a-ay, that they’d go away
C AmAnd still they begin,------------needles and pins
F GBecause of all my pride, the tears I gotta hide
Second Verse
COh I thought I was smart, I’d won his heart
AmI didn't think I'd lose, but now I see
CShe's worse to him than me, let her go ahead
AmTake his love instead, and one day he will see
C AmJust how to say please------------and get down on his knees
F GOh that's how it begins, he'll feel those needle and pins
G G G G/F# E A-hurtin' him, a-hurtin' him Bridge, then key change
E DWhy can't I stop, and tell myself I'm wrong, I'm wrong, so wrong
C BWhy can't I stand up, and tell myself I'm strong
n.c. EBecause, I saw him today, I saw his face
C#mIt was the face I loved, I can’t let go
EAlthough I know he’ll make me cry
C#mOh a wo-ah woh till the day I die
EBut people I got to live now
C#mAnd though I know that I’ll just forgive now
A BYeah when it begins, he'll feel those needle and pins
BA-hurtin' him, stop it now
B EStop those needles, stop those pins
C#m ALord when they begin, oh won’t you hear what I say
BSomebody take them away, stop ’em now, stop ‘em
B EStop those needles and pins
E C#m AOh when they begin I feel those needles and pins
BA-hurtin’ me, hurtin’ me
B ENeedles and pins
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