Jackie Greene – Mexican Girl chords

Mexican Girl 
by Jackie Greene

Am    (x02210)
Asus4 (x02230)
G     (320003)
Gsus4 (320013)
Fmaj7 (xx03210)Dmadd3(xx3230)
E (022100) E7 (022130) CAPO on 4th fret Intro: Am/Asus4/Am G/Gsus4/G Fmaj7/Dmadd3/Fmaj7 E/E7/E Verses:
Am/Asus4/AmI'm falling in love
G/Gsus4/GWith a Mexican girl
Am/Asus4/AmI'm falling in love
G/Gsus4/G With a Mexican girl
Fmaj7/Dmadd3/Fmaj7And she falls so easily
E/E7/EOver me…
I'm spending my time With a Mexican girl And I've spent my last dime On that Mexican girl But she falls so easily Over me… I'm falling in love With a Mexican girl And I can't get enough Of that Mexican girl And she falls so easily Over me… I'm going to my grave With a Mexican girl But I'm going to be saved By a Mexican girl And she balls so easily Over me... larsdog@facebook.com
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