Jackie Greene – Marigold chords

"Marigold" by Jackie Greene
standard tuning, no capo

F    x03211
C    x32010
Gm   xx0333
Dm   xx0231
C/G  x32013
Bb   xx3331
A    x03330
Dm/C x00211
G    320003
Bb/D xx0221

some chords may have a slightly different sound from the recording but are accurate for 
tuning, a few can be played as bar chords if preferred


F C Gm Dm C F C 
Dm C/G
Bb A Dm Dm/C G Bb/D Bb F

F C So much depends
GmOn first loves and friends
Dm CLegs for a table
F CI, I painted my room
GmWith judgments and doom
Dm C/GBut I still ain't able
Bb ATo sleep, got to sleep
Dm Dm/C GAnd dream up some dreams I can keep
Bb/D Bb FOh my, my marigold, marigold
F CI was walking at dawn
GmWhen something turned on
Dm CBut I couldn't name it
F CSo I, I went back home
GmI did it alone
Dm C/GBut I couldn't claim it
Bb AI tried, yes I tried
Dm Dm/C GI tried honey I was denied
Bb/D Bb FOh my, my marigold, marigold
DmWell everything becomes much more meaningless
FAs time passes by
DmSo I hide in the bedroom with strong curtains drawn
Bb CSo I can't look the world in the eye
F CI heard you were well
GmI heard that you fell
Dm CBack on your feet
F CWell me, I'm still in fear
GmI planted her here
Dm C/GRight in the street
Bb ATo sleep, so she sleeps
Dm Dm/C GAnd dreams with the orphans and freaks
Bb/D Bb FOh my, my marigold, marigold
F CNow talk, talk it is cheap
GmI talk in my sleep
Dm CI know what to say
F CI said, I said you were wise
GmTo let go of my eyes
Dm C/GAnd push me away
Bb AAnd run, yes you run
Dm Dm/C GYou run honey nothing gets done
Bb/D Bb FOh my, my marigold, marigold
Dm FBut all that I've learned it must be a chemical change
DmAfter all I'm no different from the next twisted talker
Bb CWho's taking his lies to the grave
F CI wasn't myself
GmI was nobody else
Dm CThat I couldn't be
F CLike you were nobody too
Gm F C/GTo somebody who's exactly like me
Bb ASo sleep, let her sleep
Dm Dm/C GAnd dream up the dreams we can keep
Bb/D Bb FOh my, my marigold, marigold
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