Jackie Greene – Judgement Day chords

G  C/G x8
G  Em  D  G x2

[Verse 1]
GWell, the poor man's soul is a diamond made of coal
Em D GHe's trying every day just to survive
GHe makes his way through the night and through the day
Em D GSayin', "Don't it feel so good to be alive?"
D C GAh, but I don't want to end up like him
Em DFor he's down on his knees every hour to pray
G D C GSayin', "Lord, I been so good, just like I knew I should
Em D GSo won't you free me on my judgement day?"
[Harmonica Solo] G Em D G x2 [Verse 2]
GWell, she speaks good French sitting pretty on the bench
Em D GBut I know she's only after his gold
GShe looks so fine, it's naturally a crime
Em D GShe complains that she's getting too old
D C GSo she tells her mama that she's fallen in love
Em DWith a rich man who can take her far away
G D C GBut the wheel of time, make her change her mind
Em D GThe hour on her judgement day
[Instrumental] G Em D G x2 D C G Em D G D C G Em D G [Verse 3]
GWell, that girl of mine, she ain't the gentle kind
Em D GAll she do is fuss, cuss and moan
GI tried so hard, but it ain't in the cards
Em D GSo I'll be leaving her alone
D C GAnd if I'm right, mama, you'll have to sing to me
Em DAnd if I'm wrong, well, I won't be in your way
G D C GIf I find myself at the mercy of the law
Em D GWon't you free me on my judgement day?
Em D GI said, you free me on my judgement day?
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