Jackie Greene – By The Side Of The Road Dressed To Kill tab


Easy enough.... On the A chords, he raises the finger on the B string from the second 
to the third for one or two strokes, then back down.

A                                                       E
You just can't trust them pretty girls, they only here to wreck your world,
D                                                                A
And make sure you never get to sleep at night

A                                             E
I don't know the reasons why, they all wanna hang you out to dry
D                                                            A
Till you ain't got strength enough left to fight

Bm              F#m                              D            
Oh But I'm, I'm in trouble, I got to know you're bound to get in trouble, too.
Bm               F#m                           G              
And I know, it won't be long before the man you love is lovin someone new

And it pretty much goes on like that..... if you want a more complete tab... well, 
it out, it's not too difficult.
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