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From: CGL5671@ACS.TAMU.EDU (by way of arabella@mail.utexas.edu (Arabella Clauson))

OK, the "D lick" throughout the song is just a downstroke of D and an upstroke
of a Dsus4 chord.  Then it extends to the two main chords C9 and G.  For
clarity,  I show the lick as D-Dsus4.

ANY OTHER DAY  (Last Song on JP's WAS)

D-Dsus4 C9  D-Dsus4 G  D-Dsus4 C9  D-Dsus4

G                  D-Dsus4 C9          D-Dsus4
We shall not cease from expiration
G               D-Dsus4 C9             D-Dsus4
To deliver us from our faults...

Pre-Chorus :

          D                  C9
We should not forget what we started here
          D                  C9
We should try to make it any time or place


             G                  C9
Or any other day , or any other day
             G                 C9
Or any other day, or any other way

Verse #2 continues like intro and verse
    Walking back from your house...



Fast part:

Just G - D-Dsus4 - C9 - D-Dsus4.  Listen to the recording for the rythym
because it can be somewhat hard to get.

Chords:     D      Dsus4     C9      G
            2        3       3       3
            3        3       3       3
            2        2       0       0
            0        0       2       0
            x        x       3       2
            x        x       x       3

If you have any questions just mail me at CGL5671@zeus.tamu.edu

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