Jackopierce – Heroes tab

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Date: Mon, 30 Oct 1995 17:24:28 -0600
From: arabella@mail.utexas.edu (Arabella Clauson)
Subject: CRD: "Heroes" by JACKOPIERCE


A D Bm Em(something) Ge-0- -2- -2- -3- -3-|b-2- -3- -3- -3- -3-|g-2- -2- -4- -0- -0-|d-2- -0- -4- -2- -0-|a-0- -0- -2- -2- -2-|e-0- -0- -2- -0- -3-|
First go and pull out your capoes, and put it on the third fret. I made the chords as if I was not using the capo. Verse: The verse goes D, G, D, Bm D, G, Em Chorus: The chords are A, G, Em A,G A, G, Bm, G A, G, D They have one person finger picking while the other strums it. From: Gary Farris
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