Jackopierce - Get To Know Me Better tab

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"Get to Know Me Better" by JACKOPIERCE
from the album BRINGING ON THE WEATHER (A&M) - Track 12
transcribed by Arabella Clauson (arabella@mail.utexas.edu)
               with help from Rob Bowen (RPBOWEN@unca.edu)
for Jackopierce chords check WWW:

||Listen to the song first to establish the rhythm.
||This is not perfect, so please send any corrections.
||I'm not sure about the chorus, so if you know the song, please check it.

Play the chords as follows:

C    x32033  <-- actually Cadd9
C/B  x22033  <-- name this chord please
G    320033  <-- name this chord please
D    xx0323
A/C# 042220


C C G C C G C C G D D C/B C x 2


C            G     C        G    C     G      D     C/B C
I know you don't trust a thing that I say - that's ok
C                  G         C            G
You've seen thing build and watched them end
C       G   D                C C G C C G C C G D D C/B C
All I want is to be your friend
C           G     C        G     C           G     D          C/B C
Life is too short to play games, make false claims, live under chains
C           G      C       G
So build new things without plans
C      G   D              C C G C C G C C G D D
Slowly now, give me your hand


C                     A/C#             D
First I take a little then I give a lot to you
        G     A/C#  C
And it breaks my heart to see you smiling
A/C#                    D
Every time I tell the truth
      C C G       C C G   C C G     D D G     C C G C C G C C G
Yeah It's allright if you would only take the time
D          D        C     C  G  C  G
To get to know me better


C       G     C      G
Now you trust what I say
   C        G        D          C/B C
I knew the day would come soon enough
    C        G        C        G
So when you ask then you'll receive
C        G          D                C C G C C G C C G D D
But you smile like you don't really believe

Chorus x 2

C C G C C G C C G D D D several times while yelling "Get to know me!"

-- -- -- -- -- --
Arabella Clauson
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