Jackopierce – Rain tab

one guitar is BASICLY (it might switch around a little)
E-Bm7-A then repeat, this is for the verse and chorus

guitar number two is alittle harder to explain so I'll diagramE---0--- ---0--- ---0---|B---0--- ---0--- ---0---|G---13-- ---7--- ---6---| Then the normal ED---14-- ---8--- ---7---|A---14-- ---8--- ---7---|E---0--- ---0--- ---0---| E chord Bm7 A (with octave sound)
this should sound right but I'm writting from a school lab from memory with out my guitar so ask questions if it sounds wrong the intro has a few differences E for twice as long then Bm7 for twice as long do that twice then it goes into the standard pattern that I've written above. EXCEPT: Listen for the harmonics section I think it is just a 12th fret - 7th fret - 5th fret harmonic progression(in concert they play the harmonics a little different) Thats it except don't be fooled by the strumming pattern during the third verse("she walks into....")same chords as before I forgot to mention that in the intro. there is a moving D chord ---slide it from D position to E{up 2 frets}while the other guitar is doing that strange decending pattern.
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