Jackson Browne – These Days tab

Jackson Browne - These Days
transcribed by Brian Allen (ballen @ sterling.edu) (Remove the spaces to e-mail)

Hi, this is my first tab. I hope it helps someone out. Pretty easy song to play, but 
good. This is based off the version on
his For Everyman album. It might not be the right key, but the chords should be right. 
second and third verses are basically
the same as the first one, and the interlude is played between the verses. The rhythm 
be easy to figure out if you've heard
a version of the song before (and there are many recordings of it). Enjoy.

Unusual Chords:

Cadd2/B: Am/G: F/G (if you know the real name of this chord e-mail it to please)----0---- ----0---- ----1----|----1---- ----1---- ----1----|----0---- ----0---- ----0----|----0---- ----2---- ----3----|----2---- ----0---- ----3----|----x---- ----3---- ----1----|
Capo on the Third Fret (though you can play it in any key) Intro/Interlude C Cadd2/B Am Am/G F F/G F X 2 (Strum each of the chords once except F and F/G) Verse 1 C Caad2/B Am Am/G F F/G F Well I've been out walking C Cadd2/B Am Am/G F F/G F I dont do that much talking these days C G (Note: Em can also be played instead of those chords, like in Nico's version) These days-- F These days I seem to think a lot F About the things that I forgot C G E To do for you Am G F G And all the times I had the chance to Interlude Verse 2 And I had a lover It's so hard to risk another these days These days-- Now if I seem to be afraid To live the life I have made in song Well it's just that I've been losing so long Interlude Verse 3 I'll keep on moving Things are bound to be improving these days These days-- These days I sit on corner stones And count the time in quarter tones to ten, my friend Don't confront me with my failures I had not forgotten them Alternate Lyrics (from Nico's Version) Verse 1 is the same as in Browne's Verse 2 I've stopped my rambling, I don't do too much gambling These days, these days. These days I seem to think about How all the changes came about my ways And I wonder if I'll see another highway. Verse 3 is the second verse in Browne's Verse 4 I've stopped my dreaming, I won't do too much scheming These days, these days. These days I sit on corner stones And count the time in quarter tones to ten. Please don't confront me with my failures, I had not forgotten them.
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