Jake Hamilton – Never Let Me Down tab

This is not a 100% accurate but its enough to get you going

Key: Em

Main riff

Verses go something like this
pm pm pme|-----------------|B|-----------------|G|-----------------|D|--2--2--2--2-----|A|--2--2--2--2/5---|E|--0--0--0--0-----|
Intro Em Verse 1 Em (G) I've been left alone Em (G) I've been pushed away Em (G) I've been tried and tested but I'll Em (G) Never go astray Pre-chorus 1 Bm Am Cause I found something worth more then the comfort of my days I've found... Chorus Em G D Am The King of Glory always comes at midnight Em G D Am I'll be burning that oil in my light Em G D Am They can mock me abuse me hate me Bm but I know that You'll never let me down Instrumental Em Verse2 Em (G) I have lived in fear Em (G) Have my share of scars Em (G) Shook my fist at heaven while I'm Em (G) Screaming at the stars Pre-chorus 2 Bm Am But I've found something worth more than my angry selfish ways I've found... Chorus x2 Instrumental Em Bridge Em I can see the stars declaring (the Lord wont let me down) I can hear the rocks are crying (the Lord wont let me down) I can hear the church bells ringing (the Lord wont let me down) I can feel the earth is groaning (the Lord wont let me down) I can hear the people shouting (the Lord wont let me down) And all the cities are screaming (the Lord wont let me down) While all the preachers are preaching (the Lord wont let me down) While all the kings are bowing down [I know] Chorus x2 Outro Em
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