Jake Hamilton – I Love Your Presence chords

*Note I put in the majors and minors but I think Jake mostly just plays fifth Chords

Key: A

C#m A E E x 2

C#m A E E I love Your presence Jesus x 2
Bm I can feel You underneath my skin
C#m I feel Your heart beat beeping within
F#m Every breath is drawing You in
ACome a little closer come a little closer God
(pause) Chorus x 4 Verse Instrumental About 8 bars just drums ,percussions And keyboard F#m E C#m x4 Then rest of the band falls in F#m E x2 Bridge
F#m There is no other place that i'd like to be
EThen right here yeah right now x8
(last couple of times only voice and drums percussions) Outro drums and percussion only
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