Jake Miller – Homeless tab

Capo 4

Intro C Am F Eme|------3--0---3-----------------------1---0------0------------------------|B|--1-------------1------------------------------------3-------------------|G|---------------------------------2----------2----------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
C Am F Eme|--------3---0---3---------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-----1--------------1---------------1--3-3-3-1---1---1--3--3--3--1-1------------------|G|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------3-2---------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Chorus C Em Am Here I stand in the cold F I tried to knock C 'Cause you changed the locks Em Now I'm all alone C Em Am Where am I supposed to go? F If you are where my home is F I guess that makes me homeless Verse 1: C Em So what now? I got no idea where I'm goin Am I'm lost with no direction like my GPS is broken F C I'm walkin round the streets thinkin bout you every night Em I'm feelin homeless now Lookin like the man from I'm alright C Em See I just wanna come back home, can't do this on my own Am You were the only thing I knew for sure, guess that I was wrong F C See I've tried to walk away but I just end up at your doorstep Em Waiting for my phone to ring but nope, you haven't called yet C So I'm wandering, aimlesley Em Wish that you stayed with me Am Thought that we were meant to be Felt that you were there for me F C But I guess not 'cus in case you failed to notice Em You used to be my home until you left me homeless [Chorus] C Em So what now? It used to be just you and me Am But you kicked me out, locked the doors and tossed away the keys F From the outside lookin in, C You would think that I'm just fine Em But I'm a bigger wreck than the Titanic inside C Em I'm sleeping on sidewalks, I'm following street signs Am I need some help, I'm feelin stranded, losin my damn mind F C I'm blindfolded by you, girl you took everything that I own Em I keep callin your phone but all I get is the tone C Em So I'm lookin up at the stars, these street lights they got me Am I never planned on living life without you here right beside me F C But guess I was wrong, 'cus in case you failed to notice Em You used to be my home until you left me homeless Chorus Ending solo i dont know chorus
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