Jakob Dylan - All Day And All Night tab

All Day and All Night:
This is one of my favorite new songs of Jakob Dylan's new cd "seeing things. I haven't
anyone post any tabs for this new cd and after this, hopefully there will be more. He's
to acquire a relative sound of his father and I feel that this song really brought it 
of him. It's got a bluesy southern sound to it. You've gotta play the little solos in
verses with feeling and syncopation. Great song Jakob. Enjoy,
Mike Lisnek

I been working double shift all night
Beas make honey Iím making mine
Good men are busy all the time
3                                           (4 X2)
I been working double shift all night

My line of work suits me fine
Split that apple and chuck that rind
Pull no wishbone that ainít dry
My line of work suits me fine

Sweet you ramble sweet you roll
Through the bedrock of my soul
I got more good luck than Iíll ever use
All day and all night Like a mule

Fat faced farmer off my land
Cross me twice youíll understand
Me and Delia weíre more than friends
Fat faced farmer off my land

See how high our monkey jumps
Peel that fruit back and give me some
Let this evening do what it does
And see how high your monkey jumps

Iím gearing up to get small
I do it big or donít do it at all
Ainít got no baggage that I canít use
All day and all night like a mule

Itís on back to work they say
Pull your hammer high and straight
Lay your boards out and drag that rake
And get on back to work they say

Give what youíve got return what you use
Tell me young man whose dog are you
Got bigger secrets than you do
All day and all night like a mule

Verse- 1,2,1,3,4

4 (X2)Play this riff twice and end on barring the the 3rd fret, last 2 notes-1/3-3--1/3-3--1/3-3---------------|-1/3-3--1/3-3--1/3-3-3-0---3-0-----|------------------------3-0---3-0--|-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------|
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