Jal – Ik Aarzu chords

Hi Guys!! This is My Second Tab
This is Wajeeh Amer
And The Song is Ik Aarzu! From Coke Studio 4!
Jal sung it very beautifully
the tabs are!!
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CAPO: 4th fret!
Note: Tabs Are respective to the capo.

Asus2e|-----x-------|B|-----x-------|G|-----2-------|D|-----x-------| [X MEANS BLOCK)["G" "A" Should be Plucked together]A|-----0-------|E|-----x-------|
Ee|-----x--------|B|-----x--------| [X means block] ["G" "A" should be plucked together]G|-----1--------|D|-----x--------|A|-----2--------|E|-----x--------|
F#m Asus2 EmajorIk Aarzu ..........
F#m asus 2 EmajorHai Meri
{Rest }
A C#mZamana Chale Gaa
C#m Bm C#mSang hi sahi
Same Goes On In second Phase! (DAM MAST KALANDAR) STRUM F#MINOR and Emajor Without any Blockage
F#m EDam Mast Kalandar Mast Mast
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