James Carrington – Ache tab

Artist 'James Carrington'

Song 'Ache'

Album 'Only for You'

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tabbed by Omanox

why is everyone puttin capo's and stuff...for this song...it's so easy...
and seriously i hate capo's...too much work puttin them on...

2 guitars play this song...one in major chords, and the other in bar chords...it's 
at half step down...maybe that's why everyone is misusing the capo's.

verses...Fmaj7, C, Em or G, Am

prechorus...Dm, Am, Fmaj7, C, G

chorus...Fmaj7, C, Dm, Am, C, G

and if you are wondering what fmaj7 is...it's F...minus the high E string...don't really 
that string much in this song...so mute it abit...listen to the song for the strumming

Verses  1st riff

Fmaj7 C Em Ameb--x---x----x----x---x---x--x---x----x--x--x----0---0--0---|Bb--1---1----1----1---1---1--1---1----0--3--1----1---0--1---|Gb--2---h2---0----0---0---0--0---0----0--0--0----2---2--2---|Db--3---3----3----2---h2--0--h2--0----2--2--2----2---2--2---|Ab--0---0----0----3---3---3--3---3----2--2--2----0---0--0---|Eb--x---x----x----x---x---x--x---x----x--x--x----x---x--x---|
Fmaj7 C Geb--x---x----x----x---x----x---x-----x--0---|Bb--1---1----1----1---1----1---1-----3--3---|Gb--2---h2---0----0---0----0---0-----0--0---|Db--3---3----3----2---h2---0---h2----0--0---|Ab--0---0----0----3---3----3---3-----2--2---|Eb--x---x----x----x---x----x---x-----3--3---|
------------------ prechorus 2nd riff ------------------
Dm (bar) Am (bar) Fmaj7 Ceb--5---5---5----5---0--5----x---x---x----0---0----|Bb--6---5---6----5---0--5----1---1---1----1---1----|Gb--7---7---7----5---0--5----2---0---2----0---0----|Db--7---7---7----7---7--7----3---3---3----2---h2---|Ab--5---5---5----7---7--7----0---0---0----3---3----|Eb--5---5---5----5---0--5----x---x---x----x---x----|
Dm (bar) Am (bar) G (bar)eb--5---5---5----5---0--5----7---8---7----|Bb--6---5---6----5---0--5----8---8---8----|Gb--7---7---7----5---0--5----7---7---7----|Db--7---7---7----7---7--7----0---0---0----|Ab--5---5---5----7---7--7----x---x---x----|Eb--5---5---5----5---0--5----x---x---x----|
remember if you are playin with 2 guitars let the 1st one play open chords and the 2nd play all the bar chords...in unison.. V1 isn't is strange the way things can change the life that you lead turns on it's head >>(bar chord...G) suddenly someone means more than you felt before house on it's yard turns into a home...>>(bar chord...G) Prechorus Dm Am i'm sorry but i meant to say Fmaj7 C many things along the way Dm Am G >>(bar chord) (small pause) so this one's for you Chorus 2x Fmaj7 C have i told you i ache Dm Am have i tolddd you i ache Fmaj7 C have i told you i acheee G >> (barchord...has to be the bar chord...listen to the song) for you <1st riff> Verse 2 (continue with 1st riff) (piano comes in) the time that it took writing words in my book seems to have broken in half the gate that i shut last time i got hurt seems to have opened itself Prechorus (2nd riff all the way) oh the world is spinning now tryin to catch me up tellin me to appreciate here and now >>(G bar chord) i'm sorry but i meant to say many things along the way so this one's for you >>(G) Chorus...3x (Strum Hard!!), WITH GREAT HARMONIZING!! h means hammer on... end with 1st riff...2x
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