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Subject: Funk #49 - James Gang
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                       FUNK #49

                                 By James Gang

 I posted the riff for this before, but I forgot to include some of the runs.
So here it is , although there are a few extra bits of lead I don't know

Main Riff   (I put it two frets too high before - doing it in A means you
----------     can use the open A string to fill out a bit of bass)

h is hammer-on Use the first finger to fret all the 5th fret bits, hammer on with the 2nd finger 7 For the first and last 7 shape use the third finger, for the others use 7 the first finger and hammer on with 2nd and 3rd After this comes a downward run :
E-B-G-D-----7-5-------------7---7-5------------- A---------7-5--3------7-------7-5-3------- } Play this twiceE----------------3-5--5-------------3-5---
Then move everything up two frets and play it twice more, but straight after the last note (&th fret, E string) play an E7#9
Then I think it goes back to the riff That's all I can remember..... Howard
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