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James Taylor – There We Are tab

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There We Are
Words and Music by James Taylor
(c) 1977, 1978 Country Road Music

Listen to me and I'll sing you a song
and the time will go by till you never know where it's gone
Bbmaj7              F/Bb             E/A
Talk to me and I'll tell you my life story
Dmaj7                 F/G                   G/C
Walk with me and I'll tell you my dreams of glory
There we are
Gm7      F/Bb   Csus4 C  Gm7      F/Bb    G/C
Walking hand in hand,    somewhere on the sand
       Fmaj7                   Em7         A7-9    F/Bb   F#/B
at the end of the land and the edge of the shining sea

Drifting through time and space on the face of
a little blue ball falling around the sun
Bbmaj7   F/Bb             E/A                             Dmaj7
One in a million billion twinkling lights shining out for no one
F/G          G/C
      in the middle of the night
Here we are
Gm7      F/Bb   Csus4 C  Gm7      F/Bb    G/C
sparks in the darkness, speaking of our love
Fmaj7          Em7   A7-9    F/Bb  -- F#/B G/C G#/C#
burning down forever and forever

A/D                  G/A              Dmaj7                 F/G
Oh I don't know if I told you but you hold my heart in your hand
Cmaj7        G/C                  F/G
       And I found out something about you;
             Bbmaj7      F/Bb     E/A F/Bb F#/B
baby, without you, I'm a lonely man

So though I never say that I love you,
I love you, darling I do, Carly I do love you
    Bbmaj7           F/Bb           E/A
And though we are as nothing to the stars that shine above
           Dmaj7     F/G        G/C
You are my universe; you are my love
Here we are
     Gm7    F/Bb Csus4 C          Gm7     F/Bb  G/C
like children forever,     taking care of one another
          Fmaj7             Em7    A7-9   F/Bb
While the world goes on without us all around us
F/Bb F#/B G/C G#/C# A/D Bb/Eb B/E C/F

 C6\9: x32233
 F/Bb: x13211
 E/A:  x02100
 G/C:  x35433
 A7-9: x02323
 F#/B: x24322
 G/A:  x05433
 A/D:  xx0220
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