James Taylor – Steamroller chords

Steamroller (Live) - James Taylor
This is the Live version from the James Taylor Greatest Hits CD. The words do 
change from the original. Anyways just thought I would throw it up here.
Capo 3


E AWell I’m a steamroller babe
EI’m gonna roll all over you
AYes I’m a steamroller for your love babe
EI would like nothin better than to roll all over you
F#I’m gonna inject your soul
AWith some sweet rock and roll
E F F#And shoot you full of rhythm and blues
Well I’m a cement mixer babe A churning urn of burning funk Well I’m a cement mixer for you babe A churning urn of burning funk Well I’m a demolition derby A hefty hunk of steamy junk Well I’m napalm bomb babe Its guarentee to blow you mind Yes I’m a napalm bomb for you babe Gotta tell you one more time to sit down, stand up, go home, back to L.A Theres no guarantee to blow your mind And if I can’t have your love for my own to take home and keep me warm Won’t be nothin left behind
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