Jamey Johnson - Thats Why I Write Songs chords

That's Why I Write Songs - Jamey Johnson

Chords - E A D G B E 
Dsus2  - X X X 2 3 X
Dm     - X 4 X 2 3 X
Bm7    - 2 2 4 2 3 2
G      - 3 2 X X 3 3
A      - X X 2 2 3 X

I am sure that this is not completely correct, but it is close enough and since 
there are no submissions for this song I felt compelled to post SOMETHING since 
this is an incredible song that deserves to be played. Jamey Johnson holds to the 
true outlaw traditions of the Highwaymen members during their origional careers - 
definetely worth checking out! P.S. This is my virgin post so be kind!

Fingerpick/arpeggiate throughout song - find you'r own pattern n rythm

Dsus2 Dm Bm7 G (x2)G A Dsus2 (opt. hammer a string w/ the A chord)
Dsus2 DmYou fell in love and threw it away
Bm GYou're lookin' for the perfect thing to say
Dsus2 Bm7But you're no good with words well that's OK
G A Dsus2That's why I write songs
Dsus2 DmMight make you laugh or make you cry
Bm7 GIt might help you make it througha bad good-bye
Dsus2 Bm7Cuz you been through it...(speaks)but so have I
G A Dsus2That's why I write songs
G A Dsus2I remember all the times I fell
G A Dsus2Like somebody knew me all to well
G Bm7It was my life story I was listening to
G AI don't know 'bout you
Dsus2 DmBut I buried family and a few good friends
Bm7 GHeld a brand new baby in my hands
Dsus2 Bm7You see this ain't just what I do.....It's who I am
G A Dsus2That's why I write songs
(Break) Dsus2 Dm Bm7 G (x2) G A Dsus2
G A Dsus2I remember how it blew my mind
G A Dsus2When I played my song and watched a grown man cry
G A Bm7It was at that moment where I just knew
G AWhat I was born to do
Dsus2 DmYou see most songwriters never get the fame
Bm7 GAnd most folks don't even recognize their names
Dsus2 Bm7 G A (emphasize G&A)But chances are you've probably sang along
Dsus2 DmTo Harlen Howard or Bob Mcdill
Bm7 GTo Whitey Shaffer..and my friend Whispering Bill
Dsus2 Bm7And all the songs that ever gave us chills......(pause)
G A Dsus2 (hit and hold to fade)That's why I write songs
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