Jamey Johnson – Rules Of The Bar chords

G CLeave your guns out in your truck Come on in and sit down and buck up to the
G G D Caad9 G bar and help us sing along We dont shoot no guns in this honky tonk
G CBuy the guitar band a beer this place aint no place for a Queer we dont play
G G Cthat shit around here, hell we just dont no sir we like boy/girl sex in this
Ghonky tonk
D Caad9 Gand in this honky tonk we got us a juke box in the back
D Caad9 G we got every beer you can think of here and every liquor from jim to jack
D Caad9 G you can smoke a joint in the bathroom hell just be sure you dont get caught
D Caad9 Gcause we dont pay no bail in this honky tonk
(I tried to follow the video on youtube of him playing this live this is the best i could come up with)
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