Jamie Lawson – The Touch Of Your Hand chords

The Touch Of Your Hand

This is my first tab that I've posted, When you play the G chord hammer on your index 
finger, same with the C chord. The chords in brackets can be played but they are very 
quick, one strum each.

G C GWell it bent and it bent til it finally broke
Em C GAnd you meant and you meant every word that you spoke
C (G G/f#)EmYou were cruel, you were cruel but as I understand
G D GI must travel through Hell for the touch of your hand
Well I lied and I lied til the truth it broke free And you tried and you tried to get the better of me Did it hurt? Did it hurt as the life that youd planned? Crumpled and fell for the touch of my hand?
G C GI will love you like no other
D GI will love you for my own
C (G G/f#)EmAnd I will never take another
D GAnd we will never be alone.
I will swallow; I will swallow what there is of my pride I will follow; I will follow to be by your side And if still you dont love me, if youve tried but you cant Ill have done all I could for the touch of your hand So tomorrow, tomorrow with the dawn as it breaks I have begged, stole and borrowed such wondrous mistakes And I will swear on my life as I take the stand I am guilty as sin for the touch of your hand
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