Saturday Night chords with lyrics by Jamie Lenman for guitar and ukulele @ Guitaretab

Jamie Lenman – Saturday Night chords

[Verse 1]
E A B EMy old man died on a Saturday night
C#m A Bsus4 BI watched as he just stopped breathing
E A B C#mand though it was awful and painful and sad
A B EI was glad that he wasn't alone
[Verse 2]
E A B EIt felt like something he'd just had to go through
C#m A Bsus4 Ban arduous task he'd been given
E A B C#mAnd it seemed so unfair it was his cross to bear
A B Ethe sickest and weakest of us
[Verse 3]
E A B EOh we never spoke much as a father and son
C#m A Bsus4 Bbut we had an understanding
E A B C#mand I still hear his voice when I open my mouth
A B Ein anger, or wisdom, or such
E A B EIf I see a similar jacket or hair
C#m A Bsus4 BI think for a moment I've found him
E A B C#mbut then I remember - it's not about "where"
A B C#m F#and I know he's not lost, he is gone, yea
A B EI'm just glad that he wasn't alone
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