Jamie T – Sheila chords ver. 2

I made my own interpretation of this song, I think it sounds near enough spot on, 
and I hope you guys enjoy! Its really simple and I pretty much play 4 chords all 
the way through it!

G EmSheila goes out with her mate stella,
Asus2it gets poured all over her fella,
G5/Ecos shes says, man he aint no better
Gthan the next man kicking up fuss
Emdrunk, she stumbles down by a river
Asus2screams calling london,
G5/Enone of us heard her coming,
Gi guess the carpet weren't rolled out
I play it all the way though, hope you like! Any questions email me at - gregosh_t@hotmail.com and i'll try and get back to you asap! Cheers!
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