Jamie T - Sheila chords version 1

I didn't like the other version in the Key of 'G' and was playing around and think it 
better with A. Anyway, this is just how I play it.
I also play it in barre chords. Atleast A starting on the 5th fret, and then sliding it 
to 2nd fret and removing the middle finger to create the F. It may not actually be an F, 
its an barre chord with an Eminor shape on the 4th fret. I hope you understand what I mean haha

A FSheila goes out with her mate Stella,
EIt gets poured all over her fella, London
DCosí she says, man he ainít no better
AThan the next man kicking up fuss
A FDrunk she stumbles down by a river
EScreams calling London,
DAnd none of us heard her coming,
AI guess the carpet werenít rolled out
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