Jamie Woon – Lady Luck chords

This is a truly beautiful track - search for the acoustic version from BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge.

Intro runs through the verse chords once.

The chords are pretty much the same throughout, with a slight change towards the end of 
the song from C#m to E which lifts the tone slightly.

There are a few times where Jamie plays around with the G#m / C#m interchange with chord 
framed hammer ons and chord shape runs up the fretboard.

G#m c#mLady luck ain't playing on my side
G#mLady luck ain't smiling down
C#mLady luck don't care about my pride
F#m G#mLady luck lays it down
I get this feeling I can dream tonight I've been seeing all the signs A dream no one can dream to wonder mine This time I am gonna get it right Lady luck ain't playing on my side Lady luck ain't smiling down Lady luck don't care about my pride Lady luck lays it down Sometimes I wish I could aneasthetise Bring down the lows bring down the highs She is the one I need to sympathies She is the one who sees me cry And I've been waiting for her day and night I know my lady is around I will put everything I have on the line And I will get better and thats now
G#m ELady luck I need a little light
G#mLady luck I need you now
ELady luck you need to get it right
F#m G#mLady luck don't let me down
It ain't something you can buy Ain't got nothing to do with wrong and right Got everything to do with time Lady luck you save my life tonight Lady luck I owe you now Lady luck I'll be a better guy Lady I'll share your luck around Lady luck is standing by my side Lady luck won't let me drown Lady luck shows me a better sign Lady luck lays it down http://www.jamiewoon.com
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