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Janelle Monae – Oh Maker chords

Artist: Janelle Monae
Song: Oh, Maker
Album: The Archandroid

EI hear the drizzle of the rain
C#mIt's falling from my window
F#mAnd in the corners of my mind
BI hope that I'll get to see you again
ELa da die da die da die da die my friend
I heard the colors in the flowers
C#mOoh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
F#mJust like the candle snugged at dawn
BYou're here, you're near, you're there and then you're gone
La da die da die da die da die Chorus:
F#m BSuffering in sinking sand, all the hurt
G#m C#mSee I'm really lost baby, we suffered a rare, rare blue
F#m BSo much hurt, on this earth
G#m C#mBut you loved me, and I really dared to love you too
F#mPerhaps what I mean to say is
B EIs that it's amazing that your love was mine
EOh, Maker tell me did you know
C#mThis love would burn so yellow
F#mBecoming orange and in its time
BExplode from grey to black then bloody wine
La da die da die da die da die
E Oh, Maker have you ever loved?
C#mOr known just what it was?
F#mI can't imagine the bitter end
BOf all the beauty that we're living in?
Chorus F#m B G#m C# x2
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