Janno Gibbs – Fallin tab

by: lugaaw (for meemaws)


e|--------5-5---------3-3------2--2 3-0--------|B|---------------------------------------------|G|----2------------2--------2------------------|2xD|--0-----------0---------0--------------------|A|---------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------|
Verse ;1 D A Bm A im afraid to fly and i dont know why D A Bm D im jealous of the people who are not afraid to die D A Bm A its just that i recall back when i was small D A someone promise that they catch me Bm A and then they let me fall Chorus: D(break) D A and know im fallin, fallin fast again D A Bm A (do the intro) why do i allways take a fall when i fall inlove Verse 2 do the (verse 1 pattern) you think by know ive learn play with fire you get burn but fire can be also so warm thats why i return, turn and walk away thats what i should do, my head says go and find the door my heart says i found you Outro: do the (intro pattern) it always turns out disame loving someone loosing my self only got me to blame help me D (Break) D A im fallin, fallin catch me if you can D A maybe this time ill have it all Bm D maybe ill make it after all D Bm may be this time i wont fall A (do the intro) when i fall inlove ohhh By lugaaw@yahoo.com (for meemaws)
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