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Jars Of Clay – Grace tab

Jars of Clay
Grace-Acoustic Chords
"If I Left the Zoo"
Music and lyrics by Jars of Clay, tabbed by David Schroder

NOTES ABOUT SONG: During the verses, all the instruments but bass and
acoustic guitar drop out.

Bm/F#   A   E   (4x)
play electric intro riff starting the 3nd time through

Bm         A                    E
God, I admit I haven't changed
Bm                  A               E
Playing card houses still covering my landscape
Bm          F#m             E
I never expected you to stay
                Bm                      F#m                 E
When I'm grabbing for these crumbs and cold loose change

D               A           Bm
I feel your grace come running over every road
D               A                       G
I love the way You're calling overflow
D               A           Bm
I feel your grace come running over every road
D                   A                           B
You break the floodgates down and carry all

Bm  A   E   (2x)
play electric post-chorus riff during above chords

Bm      A                           E
God, I admit I've loved these chains
Bm                  A                   E
And crawling around this cage sometimes has its advantages
Bm        F#m                           E
I know someday this could get old
        Bm                  F#m            B
And I'll need your healing water to find my home


B   A   E/G#        E (3x)
B   A   G
play electric bridge solo on top of above chords

no music for the first line, only acoustic strums for the second

after chorus, repeat post-chorus electric riff and chords then outro riff to end

Bm/F# and Bm        224432
A                   002220
E                   022100
E/G#                422100
F#m                 244220
G                   320033

NOTES ABOUT ELECTRIC GUITAR PARTS: These are the tabs for the major electric
solos, and there's frankly not too much variety in them cause they mainly
accentuate the main   musical theme of the song. You can hear Steve's
electric during the chorus, but the verses are solo acoustic guitar.

Intro riff (remember: starts third time through chordprogression)|-7-|-5----0h2-|-0-----|-7-|-5-|-10s7-||---|----------|---3-0-|---|---|------||---|----------|-------|---|---|------||---|----------|-------|---|---|------||---|----------|-------|---|---|------||---|----------|-------|---|---|------| Bm A E Bm A E
Post-chorus riff|-7-|-5----0h2-|-0-----|-7-|-5----0h2-|-0-----||---|----------|---3-0-|---|----------|---3-0-||---|----------|-------|---|----------|-------||---|----------|-------|---|----------|-------||---|----------|-------|---|----------|-------||---|----------|-------|---|----------|-------| Bm A E Bm A E
Bridge riff (starts on the 3rd measure, or the E/G# chord)|----|---------|--|-----|-----------|-----------------||-0--|-2h3-0-0-|--|-0-0-|-0-2h3-0-0-|-------------4-4-||----|---------|--|-----|-----------|-4-4-2-2-4-4-----||----|---------|--|-----|-----------|-----------------||----|---------|--|-----|-----------|-----------------||----|---------|--|-----|-----------|-----------------| E/G# E A B E/G# E
|-7-|-5-7-|-7--|10h12-|-7-|-7-|--|---||---|-----|----|------|---|---|--|-0-||---|-----|----|------|---|---|--|---||---|-----|----|------|---|---|--|---||---|-----|----|------|---|---|--|---||---|-----|----|------|---|---|--|---| B A E/G# E B A G G
Outro riff|-7-|-5----0h2-|-0-----|---|---|-7-||---|----------|---3-0-|---|---|---||---|----------|-------|---|---|---||---|----------|-------|---|---|---||---|----------|-------|---|---|---||---|----------|-------|---|---|---| Bm A E Bm A B
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