Jars Of Clay – Hand tab

Jars of Clay
?If I Left the Zoo?
Written by Jars of Clay, tabbed by David Schroder

Notes about song: The second single from ?If I Left the Zoo? is a loaded
song musically, with at least two acoustic guitars, at least two electric
guitars, along with a prominent organ and various types of percussion. If
you listen closely to the acoustic guitar, there are two of them playing
at different times; the first is played consistently throughout the song,
and is played without a capo. The second, used only for the intro, choruses,
and bridge, is capoed on the fifth fret. I have included chords for both,
with the capoed chords at the bottom.

GUITAR ONE: Acoustic with no capo
GUITAR TWO: Acoustic with capo on 5

INTRO (guitars one and two, electric intro riff)
D       Bm      C2      Em7     (2x)

VERSE ONE (guitar one only)
I?m here waiting
     Bm                        C2     G
For something new to break my heart
             D    Bm                      C2
So callous-laden, I can?t feel a thing at all
G         C2       D
Will you catch my fall?

CHORUS (guitars one and two, electric chorus riff)
D                  Bm                   C2
>From lost and not found to run and not hide
My hand inside your hand
D          Bm
Losing my grip
Falling so far
My hand inside

VERSE TWO (just guitar one, electric pre-chorus riff)
            D                   Bm          C2  G
Fear is keeping time with the beating of my heart
I?m doing way to much thinking
          Bm         C2
And it?s tearing me apart
        G               C2
And I feel You reach for me

CHORUS (Guitars one and two, electric chorus riff)

VOCAL BRIDGE (Guitars one and two)
Em7                    G                    Em7
I hear your voice and follow (fills me with joy)
                G       C2      D
So hard to believe and still I go

INSTRUMENTAL BRIDGE (Guitars one and two, electric bridge riff)
D       Bm      C2      Em
D       E       C2      Bb      C2

CHORUS 2x (Guitars one and two, electric chorus riff for chorus #1,
final chorus riff for chorus 2)

Guitar one (the high e-string is muted most of the time--listen to it
really closely on the verses--but it sounds okay with standard chords)
D       x00232
Bm      224432
C2      x32033
Em7     022033
G       320033
E       022100
Bb      113331

Guitar two (first is the guitar one chord, then the chord after capo,
then the tab with fret 5=0 cause of the capo)
D               A       002220
Bm              F#m     244220 (hit the low
                          e-string w/ thumb if
C2              G       320033
Em7             Bm      224332
G               D       x00232
E               B       224442
Bb              F       132211

ELECTRIC PARTS: Steve plays stuff throughout most of the song with the
exception of the verses where it?s solo acoustic guitar and the vocal
bridge. There is one main theme used throughout the whole song in d4ifferent
fashions, and to be complete I included all the variations of that theme.
There is also a very faint riff in the background of the chorus that changes
slightly each time.

INTRO RIFF:|-------------------||---3---------------||-2-----------------||-------------------||-------------------||-------------------| D Bm C2 Em7 Acoustic chords
|-----0-2-2------0-2-3-2-----0-2-------||---3----------3-----------3------3----||-2----------2-----------2--------4----||---------------------------------4----||--------------------------------------||--------------------------------------| D Bm C2 Em7
|-------0-|-----0--|-0------|----||-3---3---|-3------|---3----|----||---2-----|---2----|-----2--|----||---------|--------|--------|----||---------|--------|--------|----||---------|--------|--------|----| D Bm C2 Em7
|-0-------|-0------|-0------|----||---3-----|---3----|---2----|----||-----2---|-----0--|--------|----||---------|--------|--------|----||---------|--------|--------|----||---------|--------|--------|----| D Bm C2 Em7
PRE-CHORUS RIFF (only before chorus #2)
last two chords:|---3----|-------3-||-----3--|-----2---||-0------|---0-----||--------|---------||--------|---------||--------|---------| G C2
NO PARTS DURING VOCAL BRIDGE BRIDGE RIFF (during instrumental bridge)
|-----0-2-2-|-----0-2-3-2-|-----0---||---3-------|---3---------|-3-3---3-||-2---------|-2-----------|---------||-----------|-------------|---------||-----------|-------------|---------||-----------|-------------|---------| D Bm C2
|---------------||---------------||-3-2-----------||-----4h5-4-2-0-||---------------||---------------| Em7
|-----0-2-2-|-----0-2-3-2-|-----0---||---3-------|---3---------|-3-3---3-||-2---------|-2-----------|---------||-----------|-------------|---------||-----------|-------------|---------||-----------|-------------|---------| D E C2
|-1-0-----|-1-0---------||-----3---|-----3-------||---------|-------------||---------|-------6-6p4-||---------|-------------||---------|-------------| Bb C2
FINAL CHORUS RIFF|-----0-2-2-|-----0-2-3-2-|-----0-2-2-7-||---3-------|---3---------|---3---------||-2---------|-2-----------|-2-----------||-----------|-------------|-------------||-----------|-------------|-------------||-----------|-------------|-------------| D Bm C2
|-7-7-7-5-||---------||---------||---------||---------||---------| Em7
|-2h3-2-|---0-2-3-2-|---------------|---||-------|-3---------|-2h4-2---------|---||-------|-----------|-------2h4-2---|---||-------|-----------|-------------0-|-3-||-------|-----------|---------------|---||-------|-----------|---------------|---| D Bm C2 Em7
There ya go. Questions, comments, email me at JCBoyz@aol.com. c1999 Bridge Building Music, Inc./Pogostick Music (both admin. by Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing, Inc.)/BMI /Pyanagrin Music/SESAC. All rights reserved. Used by permission. Send any requests to <- electricpickboy@yahoo.com ->
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