Jason Aldean – Tattoos On This Town chords

D D7 D7 G x4

D GThere's still black marks on that county road,
DWhere we drag raced our pickups, and mustangs
G C GAnd weathered on the summer rain
D GAnd to this day up on that overpass,
DEven underneath the new paint, you can still see
G C G"Allie will you marry me?"
Em GTake a ride, look around, and there ain't no doubt
D G DIt sure left its mark on us, we sure left our mark on it
D G Bm7We let the world know we were here, with everything we did
Bm7 G D D7 D7 GWe laid a lot of memories down, like tattoos on this town
D D7 D7 C G
D G DThere's still a rope burn on that old branch, that hangs over the river,
G C GI still got the scars, from swinging out a little too far
D GThere ain't a corner of this hallowed ground,
DThat we ain't laughed or cried on
G C GIt's where we loved, lived and learned a lot of stuff
GIt's everything we're made of
G D GLike tattoos on this town
EmEverywhere, there we are
G GIt hits me right, in my heart
(Chorus) After he says we laid a lot of memories down play this...
Bm7 G D We'll always be hanging around, like tattoos on this town
G D GLike tattoos on this town
Outro D D7 D7 G D D7 D7 C G
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