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Jason Aldean – Do You Wish It Was Me tab ver. 4

Drop only the E string to a C for the deep open note in the intro. Mute the top string during the chords or it won't sound right. This is 100% right. Please rate.IntroE|---------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------|A|------1/2-0------------1/2-0------------1/2-0-------------1/2-0------|C|--2-2-------7-7----2-2-------7-0----2-2-------7-7/9---2-2-------7-7--|
NOTE: must mute top string (C) with your thumb during strumming, otherwise, it won't quite sound right. Aldean may not have had this problem assuming he uses a rhythm guitar for chords during the song. When playing solo, this technique will suffice. Verse: When the sun slowly (G) chases the moon from the sky (C) And touches your (D) face as you open your eyes (G) What are you (G) thinking, do you like what you see (C) Is it all that you (D) dreamed of or do you wish it was me (G)
Example of proper strumming with top string tuned to C: slowly.. sky.. face... eyes...E|--3------------0------------2------------3-----------|B|--3------------1------------3------------3-----------|G|--0------------0------------2------------0-----------|D|--0------------2------------0------------0-----------|A|--2------------3------------0------------2-----------|C|--x------------x------------x------------x-----------|
Is the life that you've (F) chosen free from regret (C) or is what might have (F) been just too hard to forget (C) has the glitter all (G) faded, do you get what you need (C) are you satisfied (D) baby or do you wish it was me (G) (G) (C) (D) I know that you did (G), what you thought you should do (C) It was safe and secure(D), so completely thought through(G) And you sacrificed (G)passion and abandoned your dreams(C) Baby was it all (D)worth it or do you wish it was(G) Does each kiss get (F)closer to the first or the last(C) Is the fire still (F)raging or has it burned down to ash(C) Do the memories(G)haunt you,do they beg and they plead(C) Are you satisfied (D)baby or do you wish it was me(G) Ohhhoohh (G) (C) (D) (G) Is the life that you've (F)chosen, free from regret(C) Or is what might have (F)been, just too hard to forget(C) is the glitter all (G)faded, do you get what you need(C) are you satisfied (D)baby, or do you wish it was me(G) are you satisfied (C)baby, mmmm, (G) yeah (C) or do you wish it was me(D), do you wish it was me (G) ohh do you wish it was me,(G) do you wish it was me (C)yeah do you wish it was me(D), yeah, do you wish it was me(G) ohhooohhh (G) (C) (D) (G) (G) (C) (D) (G)
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