Jason Derulo - Perfect chords version 2

Jason Derulo - perfect

Capo 1st fret

i'm not sure about the first chord of the couplet (D) 
i'm sorry!


Intro: Em/G/D/A

Di really lost it in my mind,
Gtryna figure out a way,
Dto make you understand,
Ai cant go on another day,
Dbaby i was wrong,
Gmaybe confused and let astray,
Dplease gimme one more chance,
Acoz i cant take whats happening,
Emhave you ever lost someone,
Gtryna take it back but the damage is done,
Dthought of loosing you makes me feel so sad,
Ahow am i gonna sleep when it feel this bad,
Emi know enough's enough,
Aits goin' to be tough to get through this,
Emill never be perfect,
Gill never be cool,
D A ill always be nothin' unless im with you,
Emcoz you make me perfect,
G tell me what can i do,
D the pieces are missing,
Awhen im not with you
And so on!
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