Jason Derulo – Perfect chords ver. 3

Jason Derulo - Perfect // Tab by Nicolai Heidlas

CAPO 1 / (Or Pencil and Duct Tape 1) Standard Tuning


Fm 022000 or if you want: Fm7 022030 or 022033 (Sounds cool too, just an alternate, recommended to use Fm7 in chorus)
G# 320033 or 320003 D# XX0232 Bbsus4 X02230
D#sus2 XX0230-------------------------------------------------
Intro: Fm G# D# Bbsus4
Fm(7) G#i really lost it in my mind,
D#tryna figure out a way,
Bbsus4to make you understand,
Fmi cant go on another day,
G#baby i was wrong,
D#maybe confused and let astray,
Bbsus4please gimme one more chance,
coz i cant take whats happening,
Fm(7)have you ever lost someone,
G#tryna take it back but the damage is done,
D#thought of loosing you makes me feel so sad,
Bbsus4how am i gonna sleep when it feel this bad,
Fm(7)i know enough's enough,
(pick 11 fret of high e string at "tough" (D# Note)) its goin' to be tough to get through this,
Fm(7)ill never be perfect,
G#ill never be cool,
D# Bbsus4ill always be nothin' unless im with you,
Fm7coz you make me perfect,
G#tell me what can i do,
D#the pieces are missing,
Bbsus4when im not with you,
Fm(7)(you make me,) ooh
G#you make me, ooh
D#(you make me,) ooh
Bbsus4you make me, ooh
Fm(7)(you make me,) ooh
G#you make me, ooh
D#sus2(you make me,) ooh
Bbsus4ohh, ooh , ooh
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Second Verse / Pre Chorus and Chorus are comming up. These are exactly played like above. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fm (not 7) don't say nothing's perfect
Bbsus4 cos it isn't true
D# everything i need is here with you
G# <--- You can do a walkdown to Fm via G#/Geverything i see so clear with you
Fmeverything i dream of this with you
Bbsus4everything could be [...] yeah
damn.. (Mess around with these chords) (picking) perfect ooh yeah yeah -------------------- The rest is played with the chorus chords : Fm(7) - G# - D# - Bbsus4 Alright folks, thats it! I Hope you had fun with that ! Please rate and/or comment this tab :) Thank you :)
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