Jason Gray – Good To Be Alive tab


-----------------------------|------9-7----7-------7-------|--99----------9--------9-989-|----------99-----7-9---------|-----------------------------|-----------------------------|rpt (X1)
Verse I E Hold on A E Is this really the life I'm living? A E Cause I don't feel like I deserve it A Every day that I wake, C#m A every breath that I take youve given B C#m So right here, right now B A While the sun is shining down Chorus E B I wanna live like there's no tomorrow C#m A E Love like I'm on borrowed time B C#m A E It's good to be alive, yeah Verse II E Hold on A E If the life that we've been given B E Is made beautiful in the living C#m And the joy that we get brings E A joy to the heart of the giver B C#m Then right here, right now B A This is the song I'm singing out Chorus X2 Bridge E B I won’t take it for granted C#m A I won’t waste another second E B All I want is to give you C#m A A life well lived, to say thank you Chorus X2 Bridge
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