Jason Mraz – In Your Hands chords

(you can alternate between the regular A (002200) and the 7th (577655) - both sound good)

Capo 2
E (022100)
F (244322)
A (577655)(repeat)
E (022100) A(002200)Ticket lines and places to dine
E ATaking bets and drinking wine
F ( 244322) A(577655)people ask I say I’m doing fine
A (002200 / 577655) G# 404440 F# (202220) E(022100) But motorcycles and for sure the Eiffel tower
A (002200) G# 404440 F# (202220) They were made for two
A (00220 / 577655) G# 404440 F# (202220) E(022100) A double bed has never felt so empty
A (00220) G# 404440 F# What’s missing in my life is you
(202220) E (022100) …..........so I’ll leave it in your hands now
F ATo come through (202220)
E (022100)I’ll leave it in your hands Now
F ACome on through
( Verse 2: same as above) (Bridge)
C# (90/11/90) C (8/10/0900)It’s like diving into a pool without water
B (70980) A(577600)and praying for rain
A (00220) G# 404440 F# (202220) E(022100)My life is a good life anyways
A (00220) G# 404440 F# (202220) E(022100)what I have will do
A (00220) G# 404440 F# (202220) E(022100)When you’re alone, you’re livin’ in a world with only choices
A (00220) G# 404440 F# (202220) E(022100)But what I choose is you
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