Jason Mraz - Sleep All Day Acoustic tab

SLeep All Day (Acoustic version)
by Jason Mraz
tabbed by: Azriel

Tunning:  Capo 2


Strum Chords

what would your mother think...
It doesn't matter how you do the pull-up part just as long as you manage to do it...if you can't then don't...but if you want to add up some spice to it...do your best... "if all is grounded..."
---8---5---0---0---|---6---5---0---0---|---5---5---4---5---| pause...---0---0---5---5---|---x---x---5---3---|---x---x---3---x---|
repeat verse repeat chorus
you can substitute --1-- to this chord --0--| in the "if all if grounded.." part... --1-- --0--| --2-- --4--| --3-- --5--| --3-- --5--| --1-- --3--|
as time goes by...
repeat chorus that's it! try to do some improvisation through out the whole song... especially in the chorus... this is really a great song... hope you like my version and rate this tab...
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