Jason Mraz - Sail Away chords

Ok, so this is my second tab and I hope you like it. The song is brand-new, so I had to 
listen to it over and over and over again to write down the chords and text. So...enjoy 
and sail away! ;)
Jason uses the capo on the 4th fret and I think you shouldn't change it, cause it sounds 
pretty good like that. :)

:::CHORDS::: (which we will use)

   Gm7   Cmin9  Gm7/A# Gm7/G# Gbmaj7  F7    D#maj7 Bbmaj7  D#m    G7     Cm7

The intro sounds like this:
Play this twice and than, after repeating this intro, start with the chords like this: :::LYRICS::: Verse 1:
Gm7Yeah livin' on the bottom of the sea,
There's plenty of room for you and me. Cmin9 For you I am I am so deep, At the bottom of the sea is where I be. Gm7
Gm7And from the bottom of the ocean,
Up to the water shed. Cmin9 To float your boat is what I'm hoping, And we could share my water bed. Gm7 Bridge:
Gm7/A#And all of the whales (whales)
Gm7/G# Gm7 Gbmaj7Dedicate their songs to you aahaa
this part is often skipped (i don't know why :P) (((Gm7/A# ))) (((it hardly compares (-pares) )))
(((Gm7/G# Gm7 Gbmaj7 )))(((to the ones I wrote for you aahaahaahaa )))
Gm7/A# | Gm7/G# | Gm7 | Gbmaj7Yes I would sail (sail)
Away (away) With you (with you) aahaahaahaahaaaa (2x) Verse 2:
Gm7At the bottom where we'll live,
The perfect place to raise our kids. Cmin9 They'll go to school with all the fishes, They won't have to wash no dishes. Gm7 Bridge:
Gm7Underwater you will... like it... like it...
Cmin9 The current don't... fight it... fight it...
F7Open your eyes... and see that I would...
Gm7/A# | Gm7/G# | Gm7 | Gbmaj7Yes I would sail (sail)
Away (away) With you (with you) aahaahaahaahaaaa (2x)
Bridge 2:
D#maj7 Bbmaj7Wishing on a starfish in the sky
F7I wish I may wish I might
Gm7Every day every night
D#maj7 D#mUnder the ocean blue...
Bbmaj7 G7I'd say "I do"...
Cm7 F7 Gm7/A#I'd sail away with you
(((!!!AND THE WHALE SONG!!!))) ;P Gm7 | Cmin9 | Gm7
Gm7Underwater you will... like it... like it...
Cmin9 Go on and... dive in... dive in...
F7Open your eyes and see that I would...
Gm7/A# | Gm7/G# | Gm7 | Gbmaj7........ sail (sail)
Away (away) With you (with you) aahaahaahaahaaaa (2x) Outro (use same chords like in the chorus): There's nothing the whales (whales) can say (say) or do (or do) aaaah yes I would sail (sail) away (away) with you (with you) aaaaaah
F7 hold Gm7/A#AyayayayayayaaaI love... Yoooouuuuuuuuuu...... :)
So, that's it. Again, have fun. See ya! ;)
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