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Jason Mraz – Song For A Friend tab

   / Song for a Friend  /  I think this song literally is sung to a friend of
  / Jason Mraz         /  Jason to help the friend through a hard time. But we
 / Mr. A-Z            /  all have problem and you must always remember to love
/____________________/  and trust yourself, otherwise you'd sometimes have
                       absolutely nobody! :)

Chords:(I've just shorted the long long chord names with a dot) Bm(add11) F#m(add11)/a Em9/g Bm/e Bm/f# Em9 A7-----0-------------2-----------0------------------- ---0----0----|-----3-------------2-----------3------3-------3---- ---3----2----|-----4-------------4-----------4------4-------4---- ---0----0----|-----4-------------4-----------4------4-------4---- ---4----2----|-----2-------------0-----------x------x-------x---- ---2----0----|-------------------------------3------0-------2---- ---0---------|
Intro: (also verse/interlude) ||: Bm. | F#m./a | Em9/g | Bm/e Bm/f# :|| Verse Chorus: | Em9 | A7 | Bm. F#m./a | Em9/g | | Em9 | A7 | ½x Interlude Verse Chorus Interlude Bridge: | Em9 | A7 | Em9 | A7 | | Em9 | A7 | Em9 | A7 | Interlude Verse Chorus 4x Interlude 5x Interlude (quiet part) 4x Ending Verse (break down the last time, end on Bm.) We are magic, he said But don't let it all go to your head 'Cause I bet if you had it all figured out Then you'd never get out of bed Well, no doubt Of all the thing's that I've read what he wrote me Is now sounding like the man I was hoping to be I keep on keeping it real 'Cause it keeps getting easier, you'll see He's the reason that I'm laughing Even if there's no one else He said you've got to love yourself He said you shouldn't mumble when you speak But keep your tongue up in your cheek And if you stumble on to something better Remember that it's humble that you seek You got all the skill you need Individuality You got something Call it gumption, call it anything you want Because when you play the fool now You're only fooling everyone else You're learning to love yourself There's no price to pay When you give it what you take That's why it's easy to thank you Let's say take a break from our day And get back to the old garage Because life's too short anyway But at least it's better than average As long as you got me and I got you You know we got a lot to go around I'll be your friend, your other brother Another love to come and comfort you And I'll keep reminding If it's the only thing I ever do I will always love you It's true, our love is true It's you I love, it's you I love, it's you, it's you I love It's true, our love is true, our love is true, it's you I love It's you I love, it's you I love, it's you, it's you I love Climb up over the top Survey the state of the soul You've got to find out for yourself Whether or not you're truly trying Why not give it a shot? Shake it, take control Inevitably wind up finding for yourself All the strengths that you have inside still rising (All the strengths that you have inside of you) - 3rd /September /08 Just mail me at with questions, comments and corrections!
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