Jason Myles Goss – Twilight Serenade chords

Hey, this is my first tad/song and i got this from the musician through an email so it 
is the most accurate.
First ill show you the finger picking and then the song with the chords.
 X's mean hit the strings with a palm mute.

Repeat for intro and versese|---3-XXX----X-3-X-4p3-3h4-3-333-|B|---3-XXX----X-3-X-3---3---3-333-|G|---0-XXX----X-0-X-2---2---0-000-|D|-----XXX-0h2X---X-0---0---------|A|-----XXX----X-3-X---------------|E|-3---XXX----X---X---------3-----|
Chorus: G A7sus4 Cadd9 Dsus D Dsus G
G A7sus4 Cadd9 Dsus De|-3---| e|-3---| e|-3---| e|-3---| e|-2---|B|-3---| B|-3---| B|-3---| B|-3---| B|-3---|G|-0---| G|-0---| G|-0---| G|-2---| G|-2---|D|-0---| D|-2---| D|-0---| D|-0---| D|-0---|A|-2---| A|-0---| A|-3---| A|-0---| A|-0---|E|-3---| E|-0---| E|-0---| E|-0---| E|-0---|
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