Jason Walker – What If I Told You chords

intro: D A x2

Verse 1:

D what if I told you
Awho I really was
D Awhat if I let you on my charade
Dwhat if I told you
Awhat was really going on
D Ano more masks and no more parts to play
Ethere so much i want to say
Fmbut im so scared to give away
D A every little secret that i hide behinde
Ewould you see me diffrentlly
Fmand would that be such a bad thing
D A i wonder what it would be like
A D A D Aif i told you..
Verse 2:
Dwhat if i told you
Athat its just a front
D Ato hide the inscurities i have
Dwhat if i told you
Athat im not as strong
D Aas i like to make belive i am
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