Jasper Sloan Yip – Slowly chords

          Slowly - Jasper Sloan Yip

Great song by a great band with a strange name.  They deserve to get more recognition.
The chords are easy, but you can add a few notes to the transitions to spice it up a little.

Intro:  G D Em Am C x2

G D Em I know that it's been said before,
Am Cbut not like this, or with these chords:
G D Em I wish that I was someone else
Am Cso I could sit down with myself,
G D Emand maybe I could help explain
Am Cthese crazy thoughts I entertain
G D Emabout my life, and everything,
Am C like how it's really happening right now.
G D Em Am C x2
G D Em I'm bored, I'm restless, disconnected,
Am Caimlessness has left me breathless.
G D EmBut my life has been redirected
Am Cand I'm starting to accept this.
G D EmSo efforts now must be relentless
Am Cbecause failure's leaving me so upset with
G D Emmyself, but I swear this is all that I love;
Am Cyou're going to see exactly what I'm made of tonight.
G D Em Am C C
D As for the rest of my life,
G G7well, I'll just wait and see what happens to me
Am C C7 from here.
Em GSo it seems, like all of the time
Am CI'm about to change my mind.
Em GI'm so naive, yet resolute
Am Cafter I've decided what to do.
Em GI can't wear a tie on my collared shirt,
Am CI can't get a job and just go to work.
Em GI'm worried sick like you wouldn't believe
Am C C7have you any idea what this means to me?
G Em Am C x2
G D EmLooking back now makes me laugh,
Am CI'm grateful I don't want the things that I lack.
G D EmExcept for time, oh goddam me,
Am Cwhen did free time become such a luxury?
G D EmSee, if I don't do this while I'm young
Am CI'm certain that it wont get done.
G D Em So I've made my choice and it's all right,
Am CI'm ready to really start living my life.
G D EmSo I swear to god that I will quit my job
Am Cand drive until my car just stops.
G D EmI'll walk until I reach the ocean,
Am C D Gmaybe I will know what to do by then.
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